How to Access the eSolstice

Need help accessing all of the amazing content for the Summer eSolstice? We've compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help make your eSolstice experience smooth and blissful.

Both the Winter and the Summer Solstices
1 /  How Do I Access Morning Sadhana

The link to Morning Sadhana is accessible from a couple of different locations. First, you can navigate to the Full Schedule Access page. Simply scroll down to the appropriate day and click on the access dropdown. There you will find the Zoom link PDF. Once you click on the link, our Zoom information will pop up (you can also call in for phone access). You can also find all of the Zoom links on buttons of the Teachers & Guides page. If you are early to a session, please be patient. Our moderators are on the job and will open the session promptly.

2 /  How Do I Get Into the Zoom Links

Just click the arrow on the button that represents the event, class, or workshop you would like to participate in.

3 /  Do I Need to Have Zoom?

Yes. You will need to have a Zoom account (FREE!) to join our Zoom rooms. You can access via phone, or download the Zoom program onto your computer or phone apps. Learn more about Zoom here

4 /  Do I Need to Donate to Participate?

No, you don't. Our event is entirely free, but donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Your donations allow us to continue to host events like this, but you do not need to donate to get access. You can donate here.

5 /  I Haven't Received Any Emails. What Should I Do?

First, check your spam folder. We are sending emails prior to the start of each day's event, giving you full access to the day's program. That said, you don't NEED the emails to access anything. If you're reading this on our website, all the access you need is here! Just head to the Schedule page to get your links. If you continue to have difficulty receiving 3HO emails, email yogainfo@3ho.org for help.

6 /  Are the Zoom Links All the Same?

NOPE! That's why its important to make sure you click on the arrows for each individual event. We have so many offerings, it would be impossible to use the same access link.

7 /  What Time Zone is the Schedule In and How Can I Find Out What Time Events Are For Me?

The schedule on our site is all set to MT, Mountain Time, New Mexico, just as if we were gathered at Guru Ram Das Puri. You can get a conversion to your local time zone by clicking here

8 /  Where Can I Get Info on Morning Sadhana/Daily Meditation/Mantras/Kundalini Yoga/Recipes?

Great question! We've put together some really great resources for you! Head to the Resources page to download information about how to do morning sadhana and chant the mantras, basic Kundalini Yoga information like how to do Breathe of Fire, Solstice recipes (we miss that Potato Soup, too!), information about our Daily Meditation, and more.

9 /  Where Do the Donations Go?

The eSolstice is being offered free to our community or by donation. With the help of our community and your donations, we will be able to continue offering inspirational Kundalini practices, rich online content and resources, and build our connections around the world such as: 3HO Luminaries and our vision of a world-class Kundalini Yoga retreat center at Ram Das Puri.

This year, 10% of all eSolstice donations (received from 5/1/21 - 7/1/21) will go towards supporting Khalsa Aid International, a non-profit organization that has been serving around the globe since 1999. Most recently, Khalsa Aid has been mobilizing a global response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in India due to COVID-19. Their efforts are providing vital medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators, tanks, and broader medical equipment. 

10 /  Are you Going to Record the Zoom Groups/Sadhanas/Concerts/Lunches? 

Some of them, yes. We are not recording the Addiction Recovery and Rainbow Sangat groups, to keep information private. However, we ARE recording educational workshops, All Camp classes, sadhanas, lunches, and concerts. We will make these available on this site AFTER the event, as soon as we are able. These recordings will be available for 2-months after the event. You will be able to find the information on this page about how to access them (we will update these FAQ with instructions!) as soon as possible.  We will also send out an email to the registration list with information about recordings.

11 /  How Can I Get the Powerpoint Slides Used in My Class or Workshop?

Some teachers (not all!) are using slides for their classes.  Where available, we are adding them to the Files tab in our private eSolstice Facebook group ASAP. You can access them here. If we are able to host them on the website as well, we will let you know by changing these instructions here on the FAQ page and share another way to access them.

​Please remember, just like Summer Solstice in person, we're a small team working around the clock to make this all happen in real-time for you!  We do hear your requests, and we will get everything done as soon as we are able.​ We hope you enjoy the eSolstice!

If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to reach out to 3HO Customer Service at yogainfo@3ho.org or 1.505.629.0267.


Help Support Future Programming

While our live event is 100% free, we welcome your donations to help support more upcoming dynamic programming like this. Thank you for your consideration of the effort it takes to create these events!