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Land Acknowledgement

While we meet for the Summer eSolstice on a virtual platform, 3HO Foundation International would like to humbly acknowledge and recognize the rich history of our lands and its significance to the Indigenous peoples whose practices and spiritualities were tied to and nourished by the land and who continue to develop in relationship to the land and its other inhabitants today.


We do this to affirm our commitment and responsibility in improving relationships between First Nations and to improving our own understanding of local Indigenous peoples and their cultures. We respectfully acknowledge and hold gratitude to the many Indigenous people who have stewarded our lands throughout the generations – to their elders both past and present.


Guru Ram Das Puri sits on the ancestral and unceded homeland of the Jicarilla Apache and Pueblo tribes. Let this land acknowledgment be an opening for all of us to contemplate a way to join in decolonial and Indigenous movements for sovereignty and self-determination.

To learn more about the Native Lands of your area, please click here.