Your Summit Teachers, Presenters & Facilitators

2020 Theme:

Making the Impossible Possible

Our donation based e-Summit would not be possible without the generous donation of time by our teachers and facilitators.

Thank you and Sat Nam!

Our All-Camp Teachers

  • SummerSolstice2016-0165.jpg

    June 21, Sunday 9am


    Strength to Love

    When we give ourselves to each other in Love, we become fully human. Love is an active force that leads us into greater Communion with the world. Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door that leads to Ultimate Reality. Practice of Love is a means of Spiritual fulfillment. Celebration of Love is a Spiritual force that unites and binds all life.

  • krishna2.jpg

    June 21, Sunday 2pm

    Krishna Kaur

    When Things Fall Apart

    It takes strong Kundalini Yogis like us to manage the kind of triple threat challenges we are facing right now. At first, it was the shock of the allegations against our teacher and the harm experienced by beloved members of our 3HO family. Then, the universe sent us Covid-19, the fear of which still hangs over us like a murky shadow. Now, the call that Black Lives Matter has blown the lid off of decades of violence and injustices against Black people with the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. The actual incident being captured on social media infuriated the world and now, millions are clamoring for change in social and criminal justice systems everywhere. Wahe Guru!

  • June 20, Saturday 9am

    Akah Jackson

    Racism and the Courage to Change, Feel, and Serve

    Join Akah Jackson for a pranayama journey to unearth the roots of separation caused by fear and the labels of racism by focusing on the source of our consciousness, prana. We are the yogic alchemist able to activate the coming powerful portal of summer solstice. Our social psyche needs healing. Yogis, now is the time to use the transformational fire of prana to vibrate our energy field into a higher frequency of courage, patience, harmony, compassion and love!

  • June 20, Saturday 2pm

    Guru Singh

    Your Ancestral Guides & Gurus

    This class is a practical training in Kundalini techniques to access and use the assets for your space and time in this life, from beyond these times and this space. Gurus and Guides are always present, in so many forms, to assist in life's heavy lifting. We'll learn how Kriya, Asana, Mudra, Mantra, Breath and Silence, connect you to these powerful assets and the unique abilities they possess.

  • June 19, Friday 9am

    Kia Miller

    Build Emotional and Mental Resilience

    This is a precious time for us to come together. Uniting hearts. Releasing fear. Opening to love, inner wisdom, and intuition. This resilience building class focuses first at the navel, awakening power and presence, then guides the energy to the heart, the center of consciousness. Come to experience your own SELF, the ONE is all. Let us unite in the frequency of LOVE and feel the power of connecting through the great cosmic womb, the unified field. Together we are powerful. Together we can positively impact the collective.

  • June 19, Friday 2pm

    Mahan Rishi

    Kundalini Shuniya

    Now, here we are, doing Solstice in our homes instead of at Ram Das Puri, under the beautiful expansive skies of New Mexico. A bit strange for us, but we will do it happily because, if you are thinking like me, these times could be a signal that the real dawning of the Age of Aquarius is upon us. In fact, I personally believe that our road into the Aquarian Age will be paved with challenges, disruptions, confusion, and many personal and cultural shifts. I further believe that those of us who seek to be among the agents of change will have to accept that things do fall apart.

Our Breakout Group Facilitators

  • Denise_Davidson.jpg

    Denise Davidson

    Deep Meditation

    Friday June 19th, 4pm


    Sunday June 21, 4pm

    Deep Meditation: 


    In this meditation session we will look at the face of fear, be aware of our B.S. (belief systems) that we control and learn how to tune into diagonal energy to release polarity so that we may go into the finite for moving forward. During this great historical time of change let's move with the courage & strength of our ancestors, with vision & grace of saints coming from our hearts.


    This Seva projects dialogue and Black Mask conversation will include yoga and meditation. Denise will share about various seva projects she is involved with including: GEEC; Yoga Healing Arts Seva Projects in South Africa: and a new international yoga platform, SivaOm yoga 24/7.

  • Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 4.12.39 PM.png

    Valarie Kaur

    Moving Forward

    Friday June 19th, 4pm MT

    See No Stranger: Rising Up in Revolutionary Love

    Join Valarie Kaur, civil rights lawyer, filmmaker, and author in discussion about the national uprising for racial justice — and the role of grief, rage, and reimagining in this moment. Valarie will draw from her new book, See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love, followed by a live Q&A.

  • Gurujodha

    Moving Forward

    Sunday June 21st, 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Consciousness is a Skill the World Needs

    The great challenges we face today as a global society cannot be solved unless we recognize what leads us, internally, to make so many poor choices, externally. When the subconscious rules our perception of ourselves and the world, reality looses importance - and that is when we become less human and less invested in our environment. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation is a therapeutic tool for the individual and an evolutionary tool for society. However, its gifts can benefit many only if they can be shared and taught in a way that is relevant for the world today. Consciousness is a skill. Just like a muscle can be trained, consciousness is a tangible state of awareness that can be learned and integrated, independently of cultural, religious or spiritual affiliations. A systemic change in society must start with a shift in our understanding and experience of how our inner system of consciousness works. Learning to recognize and heal our subconscious load and educating ourselves to hold a stable space of conscious awareness, is a fundamental step that will support any social initiative. In this break out session, we'll meditate, discuss and experience how you can become a positive changemaker embracing the kundalini tools you know, love and have transformed your life, from a new perspective.

  • Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

    Medical Info

    June 21; 11:00 -12:30pm MT

    Holistic Medicine and Emotional Release for Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Trauma

    Learn to heal your health issues, gut, liver, adrenals, depression, anxiety, mood, liver, skin, hormones, inflammation and sexual issues with nutrition, healthy foods, natural medicine, holistic therapies & emotional healing. You will experience some emotional healing exercises and learn to treat the root causes of health issues, which include:

    • Poor diet & Leaky gut 

    • Inflammation & Liver Toxicity Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid & hormonal health

    • Trauma and painful thoughts, Healing, mood therapy & emotional support.

  • GuruMeher

    Emotional Processing

    June 19, 20, 21;

    4:00-5:30pm MT

    Emotional Agility: Process and Heal All That You Feel

    The great challenges you face personally, in our Kundalini community, and the entire world bring a swirl of new and more intense feelings. Whether emotions increase our problems or help us solve them depends on our ability to understand and process them. This group will be a safe and professionally held space for all who wish to bring together whatever they feel with an intention to learn, grow, and become stronger. Sharing, discussion, and practices for mindful work with emotions, facilitated by yoga therapist GuruMeher, will be deep and real while leading to relief and elevation.

  • CRT 2.png

    Collaborative Response Team

    Moving Forward

    Friday June 19th, 4pm

    Saturday June 20th, 4pm

    3HO and our global community are in a time of great transition. In this session we will share the current steps the organization is taking concerning the allegations against Yogi Bhajan, as well as share our plans for inviting community dialogue though our upcoming Listening Tour. Through open communication and deep listening, we will move forward together.

  • Dr. Japa Kaur

    Health and Wellness

    June 19, 20, 21; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    Moving Beyond Self-Care into Global Sustainable Wellness

    Dr. Japa shares true health transformation. During these times, we are completely present as yogis, vibrating the mantra "Victory" and helping ourselves and others to stay healthy with our yogic wellness. Moving into embodied awareness, we become a health compassion network of global consciousness. Together we uplift and embody activism with compassion to help each other and this world tap into deep inner reserves of healing.

  • Dr. Gurusangat Kaur

    Medical Info

    June 19; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    How to cope with drastic changes using the tools and mental model of Kundalini Yoga.

    As the world undergoes a systemic shock as a result of the pandemic times, the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga can very well help us to organize several cognitive maps to be used as guidelines in our process of overcoming limitations allowing plenty of room for growth.

  • Kiret Nam Kaur

    Deep Meditation

    June 21; 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Harmony: Beyond Limitations, Peace


    2020 is a year that proves to all of us that we are one. Profound changes are due, both inside and outside, and this has to occur immediately. Our higher being is calling for harmony in this world. How can the deep message of Kundalini Yoga help to break down walls of prejudices that we have built between us humans? In this session, you will be invited to dive into a deep meditation with live music and will be strongly requested to fade away your limitations to simply be who you are: Shanti.

  • Kenneth Strickland

    Child/Family Yoga with Christine Abernathy

    June 20; 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Lunch with a Luminary

    June 21st 12:30 - 1:30MT

    Family/Child Yoga:

    Family Yoga A Superheros journey to find the Sword of Knowledge. Featuring Wahe Woman, Guru Man, and The Dragon.

    Using our breath and imagination we are going on an adventure as old as time to befriend the dragon and balance the light and dark within us. As we journey together we will become aware of our crown of life and discover the tools we need to be an everyday superhero! This session will include sitali pranayam, Folding and Unfolding of the Energy Kriya, embodied mindfulness, meditation, and expressive art. Please bring: A Cape!! (a blanket or towel is fine) Art supplies! (we will be drawing and coloring) Bring your favorite song to class

  • Liam Pfeiffer


    June 20; 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Lunch with the Luminary June 20; 12:30pm MT

    Seva: Wired To Serve


    This workshop will explore the elegance of our human body/mind design through a dialogue on seva, and how science is justifying the ancient adage: when you give, you receive. We will discuss the circular nature of energy, that is is always in flow, always changing and exchanging, and that our body/mind, as a result, is constantly in a simultaneous state of giving and receiving. A kundalini yoga set will provide the opportunity to experience palpably in your own body/mind the sensation of giving, and to consider during these challenging times: what qualities of yourself can you share? When, how and, why? Since Liam's discovery of the practice of seva a decade ago, he have been an active volunteer in homeless outreach, animal care, and youth programs, sharing yoga, martial arts, and meditation in juvenile detention centers, prisons, and foster homes throughout New York City. Through helping others, he has developed a sense of meaning and found more joy in his own life.

  • Pritpal Singh

    Sikh Dharma

    June 19, 20, 21; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    Listening our way to Conscious Change: the 8th Pauree of Japji leads the way

    Never have we needed to listen more deeply. Our brothers and sisters are crying out. Our leaders are sounding the alarm. The Earth thunders the call. The sky is raining with tears. Our hearts beat out the rhythm to follow. Guru Nanak’s voice leads us into listening deep (Sunniai). And together we emerge with spirit reborn.

  • Ranjeet

    Addiction Recovery Support Group

    June 19, 20 11am MT

    June 21 4pm MT

    In these challenging times, our addictions like to rear their heads and whisper in our ears promises of comfort and release. However, we are being called to show up in profound ways in our communities. Let's use this time to connect in recovery and purpose. In this session, we will ground ourselves with an opening meditation followed by a topic for discussion using 12 step program traditions to guide us.

  • Dr. Sat Bir Singh

    Medical Info

    June 20; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    Yoga: Biomedical Science & Research


    In easy-to-understand language, this workshop/lecture will present an overview of modern biomedical research on yoga with special attention to Kundalini Yoga. We will review the biomedical scientific evidence for how yoga works, the clinical trials research, and the value/implications of yoga research in society and healthcare. Yoga teachers/practitioners will gain an appreciation of how the published yoga research can help with getting yoga classes into public venues, workplaces, fitness centers, schools and healthcare institutions.


  • Simranjeet Singh

    Child/Family Yoga

    June 19; 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Enjoy a practice designed for kids 4-10yrs. Simranjeet will share a story based on game cards with poses made by Miri Piri Brazil children and  will also lead a Pranayam and a Celestial Communication with Gobinday Mukanday sung by Miri Piri Brazil children as well.

  • Tara Libert

    Lunch with a Luminary

    June 20; 12:30-1:30pm MT

    Lunch Conversation with 3HO Luminary, Tara Libert, Co-founder and Executive Director of Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop hosted by 3HO Luminary Liam Pfeiffer


    She will discuss ways in which her nonprofit uses books, creative writing, and peer support to awaken DC youth incarcerated as adults to their own potential and her inspiration for starting the program.  Through creative expression, job readiness training, and violence prevention outreach, these young poets achieve their education and career goals, and become powerful voices for change in the community.  

  • Teg Sunder Singh

    Deep Meditation

    June 20; 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Meditation on Peace & Unity Through the Sound Current

    We will be speaking about and practicing together 3 meditations that in unison, work on making us as individuals and collectively as a Sangha come together in one piece. We cannot have true peace or non-violence, either within ourselves or outside ourselves, unless we are in one piece. 

  • Sada Sat Simran Singh

    Sikh Dharma

    June 20; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    Grace Through Humility and Service


    Sing the words of the Shabad Guru with Sada Sat Simran Singh (Cherdi Kala Jatha) and through stories and discussion, learn how practicing humility and sacrifice serves you the path of Dharma to meet your highest destiny.

  • Alejandro Santiago

    Men's Group

    June 19, 20, 21; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    We will use this time to come together as men in the 3HO community to discuss problems, solutions and goals. We will offer space for deep sharing and deep connection with one another. This group is for male identifying individuals.

  • Dukhniwaran Kaur


    June 19, 20; 4:00-5:30pm MT & June 21; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    Rainbow Sangat Gathering

    Members of the LGBTQ+ community of Kundalini Yogis are gathering daily for visibility, community and connection. We’ll have an open forum to discuss our lives as LGBTQ+ yogis, meet and support each other. These gatherings happen daily at Solstices and will follow that open, inviting, non-judgmental, free-form, loving space to authentically be with each other.

  • Sukhdev Jackson & Ghylian Bell

    Women's Group

    June 19, 20, 21; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    Women Rising in Truth

    Immerse yourself in three days of practice, sacred sound and conversation. We are facing a deep transformative time and an opportunity to rewrite our human story. Let us join together in humility, heart, courage and a deep reverence as we activate the power of our will to think creatively and reimagine our world. Women are the nucleus, the Center of the Universe, the Primal Power. Our warrior ship, unity, and accepting that we have a lot of work to do together can usher in the new world we all long for. Let’s re-imagine a future together where we can heal these wounds and usher a new generations forward as we lead with radiance and courage into our families, communities and the world. This group is for female identifying individuals.

  • Sat Nam Kaur & Mr. Deep Positivity

    Child/Teen Yoga

    June 21; 4:00-5:30pm MT

    Teens Unite for Racial Justice


    Move. Breathe. Community. Hope. In the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement, join teens, rap artist Mr. Deep Positivity, and yoga teacher Sat Nam Kaur to listen, learn, and grow.

  • Kirtan-Singh

    Sikh Dharma

    June 19; 11:00-12:30pm MT

    The Experience of Consciousness: the Mool Mantra and Kaaeeaa(n) Kalab Kriya


    The meditation we will practice will transform the totality of your being. We will take a deep dive into the essence and meaning of each "akharu" (word) contained in the Mool Mantra of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and discover the pathway to our inner selves and the nature of the Cosmos.

Sadhana Leaders & Musicians

  • Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 4.25.43 PM.png

    Snatam Kaur & Sopurkh Singh

    Morning Sadhana Leaders

    4am June 19th

    The much-beloved devotional singer and Grammy nominated recording artist Snatam Kaur shares the power of Sikh sacred mantras with all the world. Sopurkh, her husband, is a powerful teacher and leader of consciousness.

  • Ram_Singh.jpeg

    Ram Singh

    Morning Sadhana Leader

    4am June 20th

    Ram Singh's soft and soothing voice conveys peace, protection and warmth and thus takes the mantras deep into your heart.

  • Dharm Khalsa

    Morning Sadhana Leader

    4am June 21

    Most mornings Dharm can be found chanting and playing at the sacred sadhana at the Mother Ashram in Espanola New Mexico. Dharmji's music combines the ancient sacred depth of India with the joy and spiritual friendliness of his roots in the West.

  • Hari Rai Kaur

    Morning Sadhana Leader

    4am June 21

    Hari Rai is a writer, musician, and storyteller in all formats. She is the writer, producer, and director of the audio drama series Radiation World, which was an official selection of the 2016 HEAR Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival. She holds a master's degree in creative writing from the University of Oxford and is a native of Española, New Mexico.

  • Mirabai Ceiba

    Evening Concert Saturday, June 20; 6:30-8:00pm MT

    The music of Mirabai Ceiba draws the listener into a gossamer web of gently plucked strings, stately piano arpeggios, subtle vocal interplay and poetic lyricism.

  • Hansu Jot 

    Global Meditation Leader

    7am Daily

    Ganpati Kriya

    Through the practise of his mother he very early came in touch with the values and various practises of Buddhism and the chanting of mantra and later decided as a young adult to dive into the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Naad Yoga (Yoga of divine sound) to study its deep and healing impact on the human body, psyche and emotions.

  • Harimandir

    Group Concert

    Friday, June 19; 6:30-8:00pm

    Lieselot Harmanderpal Kaur is based in Bruges, Belgium. She has a strong connection to children, nature and music. Not only as the mother of 4 kids, but also through her job in nature education and as a storyteller. Singing mantras was her way to find Kundalini Yoga. The mantraband ‘Harimandir’ is a close group of friends. 

  • Har Dev Singh

    Group Concert

    Friday, June 19; 6:30-8:00pm

    Over ten years of experience teaching around the world, yoga and meditation study from India, and a passion for creating a profound meditative experience.

  • Aykanna

    Evening Concert

    Rising Together

    6:30pm June 21

    Aykanna is a husband and wife musical duo known for their soulful, percussion‐driven music and wisdom teachings. Stronger together, Sukhdev, billboard acclaimed musician and Grammy nominated percussionist Akah Jackson share their passions for healing through sound and soul.

  • Pritpal Kaur

    3HO Foundation CEO

    Event Host

    You'll see Pritpal Kaur several times throughout the event, welcoming you to our gathering, hosting a Luminary lunch, and more.

(505) 629-0267

June 19-21, 2020